Author: Clay, Albert T.
Title: Business Documents of Murashu Sons of Nippur dated in the Reign of Darius II
Imprint: Philadelphia : The University Museum, 1912
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List of Titles


Preface -- p.7
Index of Proper Names -- p.9
Abbreviations -- p.9
Names of Persons: Masculine -- p.9
Names of Persons: Feminine -- p.41
Names of Cities -- p.41
Names of Gates -- p.42
Names of Canals -- p.42
Words and Names in Aramaic Endorsements -- p.43
Descriptive List of Tablets -- p.45
Aramaic Enforsements -- p.51
Catalogue -- p.53
Tablets in the University Museum -- p.53
Tablets in the Imperial Ottoman Museum, Constantinople -- p.54
Cuneiform Texts -- p.55
Corrections to the Text -- p.124

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